Past Zoom Talks

During lockdown we continued with our members talks via Zoom these can be viewed from here

NFDBKA Members Talk September Dr Tak Chin. Bee Sting Allergies.

Dr Tak Chin
Talk will cover questions including:
Can you be allergic to bees? How common is bee venom allergy in beekeepers?
If I develop a bee venom allergy will my next sting reaction be more severe?
What to do in case of a bee venom allergic reaction?

NFBDKA Members Talk “Spring Management” By Jim Vivvian-Griffiths

Essential information on how to prepare for ther Spring. It begins with “Start now!”

Roger Patterson. Queen Rearing

Members evening talk about Queen rearing, trials and tribulations.

February Talk Dr Anna Oliver.

National Honey Monitoring Scheme

Finding Varroa tolerant bees Steve Riley

Steve Riley and Westerham BKA have been developing chemical free Varroa resistant bees.

Neonicitoids on Honey Bees Professor Francis Ratnieks

Prof Francis RatnieksDiscussing the Effects of Neonicitinoids on Honey Bees, and honey bees on the Oil Seed Rape