The New Forest Beekeepers' Association is committed to Beekeeping Education, both of the public and individual beekeepers to improve their beekeeping skills.

Beekeeping Courses.

We run a beginners course each year over seven weeks, with follow up practical days. There are a few spaces left for this year.

Public Education

Much of our Public education is through our large presence at the New Forest Agricultural Show, which takes place in July each year. On display is a wide variety of hive products including honey and mead, as well as cakes, biscuits and chocolates all made from honey recipes. There is candle rolling for the children along with microscopes, posters and beekeeping demonstrations, all helping to explain every aspect of beekeeping.

Observation Hive

NF&DBKA have set up an Observation Hive with the support and a grant from the New Forest National Park Authority. This will be used by experienced beekeepers within the Association for the purpose of educating the public, particularly young people, about the fascinating world of the Honeybee.

What is an Observation Hive? The observation hive is a completely sealed unit where the honeybees can be viewed carrying on their normal activities. This is a unique, safe learning experience.

With additional support materials: posters, charts, power-point presentations, honey sampling, beekeepers` equipment and wax products we are able to offer opportunities to experience the lifestyle of the honeybee and its importance to man. All resources are subject to availability and will be added to in due course.

Talks and workshops can be tailored for the client audience and are equally suitable for community groups of all ages and for schools. This would be of particular interest to eco-schools and areas of the curriculum KS1 and 2 (mini-beasts, habitats, environment, life cycles). Schools would have access to the publication `Bees in the Curriculum`, produced by the British Beekeepers Association, which contains teaching resources and shows how honeybee studies can be linked to many areas of the curriculum.

Individual requirements should be agreed with the speaker in advance.

How to arrange an Observation Hive visit

Information regarding arranging a visit and on likely cost is available from the association's secretary.

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