1 November 2021 – Asian Hornet Nest – Found and Destroyed

Another Asian hornet nest has been found following the earlier find at Ascot. A member of the public spotted an Asian Hornet on Friday morning in a very built up area of Portsmouth.

Bee Inspectors went out Friday afternoon and as soon as they put traps down several, very hungry, hornets flew down to feed on them. The Inspectors tracked the hornets back to the nest which was about 30cm in diameter. The nest was 20 metres up a tree but they say it could have been spotted very easily because there were no leaves on the trees.

It was damaged by a storm on Friday night but they were able to destroy it and remove the nest on Sunday afternoon.

The nest has now been taken to government laboratories at York for examination. Bee Inspector, Peter Davies, who led the hunt is encouraging all beekeepers in the Portsmouth Fareham and Gosport areas to put out bait traps for Asian Hornets – the hornets in Portsmouth were very hungry and will fly a long way for a good source of food

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