Trip to visit Commercial Beekeeper Robert Field, Corfe Castle

Members’ of the association enjoyed a visit to see the Robert Field, a commercial beekeeper in Dorset this weekend,  seeing first hand the operation plant and the volume of honey he handles in a season. 

Rob gave us an interesting talk about his bees and some history of how he has come to operate around 800 hives today. Rob works with a small number of staff and told us how he manages with this low number of staff because of the Bees that he keeps which are low swarm-minded.  We also enjoyed tasting different types of honey gathered from different locations from around Dorset, Salisbury Plain and Purbeck area, I think my personal favourite was a Heather honey with the small crystalised bits of raspberry honey. 

We trundled off to the Bear in Wareham for some lovely food which was topped off with some great company, new and old. If you would like to check out Robs website, then take a peek here and you can also buy any of his honey online too.