A flying visit to see Roger Patterson

Krysia, our Chairman, was lucky enough to be invited to Wisborough Green to catch up with Roger Patterson on his home turf. Roger was spending the day filming various colonies with the progression they had made following splits done earlier in the year, so Krysia had a bit of a sneak preview behind the scenes.

Roger explained how many of the colonies hadn’t been successful over winter, so much of the year gone had been building colonies up again ready to get their teaching apiary ship shape for the new beekeepers to learn in. You can see Roger wears very little protective wear when handling his bees as he allows only the very best to go forward and breeds queens from the nicest of colonies. Krysia has gleaned some great info to help our teaching apiary develop further and grow.

Roger is bringing out a number of books which will benefit BIBBA directly and are available on amazon, or you can look at BIBBA for more information.

Roger Patterson with a frame of gentle bees