Skep Making Workshop with Chris Park May 2022

Chris Park Came to see us last year and a dozen of us had a really enjoyable day making skeps under Chris’s help and guidance.

So we are arranging anothe day in May 2022 again at Colbury Hall, which is a great location and easily accessible. We had some very specific requirements on hall booking as we knew the place would get covered in straw, but Colbury Hall were very accommodating.

Chris will go over the basics of skep making, bringing along his creations so we can see how it all works. We will learn about the tools required to make a skep (supplied), what our local skeps might have been made from and we will set off ready for a day of twisting, wetting and good natured cheer, all trying to make lovely symmetrical skeps. Last year everyone had successes and went away with a part made skep and enough straw to finish off their creations. We will be booking a second self help session a few weeks later,